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The best way to connect with prospects, customers, partners, and coworkers


Record sales videos to connect with prospects and customers at all stages of the sales cycle. Send video emails using existing videos or create your own. Vidyard will track that video’s viewing data under contact & lead records.


Integrate video into email, content, and digital marketing campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot. Vidyard gives you the tools and data you need to maximize engagement, identify leads, and measure the impact of video content.

Sales Cloud + Vidyard

Prospects love video. Give them what they want! With Salesforce Sales Cloud + Vidyard, you can deliver engaging, traceable videos that are built right into your sales process, from the first touch to the final handshake.

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Vidyard has become an invaluable tool for the Sales world and leverage the data of Salesforce only increases that value.

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