Relay's Picks for Tahoe Dreamin' 2021 Events You Should Attend

Tahoe Dreamin' is back and packed full of community events. Take a look at the ones we are most excited to see.

Tahoe Dreamin' 2021 is upon us and although Relay won't physically be able to be there in person, it's so great to see in-person community events back. Tahoe Dreamin' never disappoints and this year is sure to be no different. So let's take a look at a few of the sessions we are most looking to at this year's conference.

October 28th - Day 1

You're Right - You Can't Do It All: Practical Tools and Perspectives to Manage Both Rapid Response Work AND Project Work with Rich Nevin (Co-Founder of HiFi Consulting Group)

At Relay we know that project work and supporting that project work go hand-in-hand. While it's always a challenge to juggle both, it's never impossible. We're excited to see what Rich Nevin has in store for this presentation.

Work Smarter Not Harder in the NEW Success from Anywhere World with Ella Marks (Marketing Manager at Salesforce) and Rebecca Saar (Sr. Director Admin Relations at Salesforce)

We now live in the work anywhere world and Salesforce is leading the charge in changing how we operate. Whether it's automation, data insight or communication transparency — Salesforce is making our lives easier and more refined instead of more difficult. We can't wait to hear more tips straight from Salesforce themselves.

Designing the Future of Work with Adam Doti (VP & Principle Design Architect, Salesforce) and Daniel Peter (Salesforce Practice Lead at Robots and Pencils)

Crafted design is now more crucial to a project's success than it has ever been. Customers expect for their applications to not only be functional but be designed and crafted with a purpose. Adam and Daniel will look at how we all need to be more design-minded when working in Salesforce and the role Slack will play in helping us get there.

Turn Customer Feedback into Action - Lessons from Salesforce with Scott Allan (Sr. Manager, Product Strategy at Salesforce)

Gathering feedback is crucial to a project's long-term success. The more you scale, the harder it is to gather actionable feedback that your team can take to craft a more cohesive project. We're really looking forward to hearing from Scott and his willingness to let attendees provide feedback directly to team in charge of IdeaExchange and Known Issues.

October 29th - Day 2

Second place is First Loser: Automating Speed to Lead to Win the Customer with Stephanie Thornton (Director of Alliances at LeanData)

Automation could be the difference between closing that sale and losing it due to a time-delay. Every time your sales reps have to input data or resolve tasks manually, it not only leaves them open to errors but also delays their speed to lead timing. We're a firm believer in automation and we're looking forward to see how others are using it to their advantage.

The Future of Salesforce Development with Stephan Chandler-Garcia (Lead Developer Advocate at Salesforce)

Salesforce Functions and Lightning Web Runtime have introduced two new powerful components for developers, but it also requires them to adapt to the changing platform. While these components will allow developers to work more closely with others in various languages, it absolutely provides some challenges. We  are interested in hearing the new features of both Salesforce Functions and Lightning Web Runtime.

Salesforce Devops: Build versus Buy with Vernon Keenan (Senior Industry Analyst at

If you're looking to understand and implement Salesforce devops, you will definitely want to attend this session with Vernon. Not only will he trace the origins of devops and how it works within Salesforce, but he will provide a framework for integrating solutions into repository management, Salesforce Release Management and more. Vernon is a titan of the industry so we are really looking forward to this one.

We can't wait to see how Tahoe Dreamin 2021 turns out, the connections made from it and how it will shape the community going forward. In-person community events are back and we are looking forward to interacting with everyone in the very near future!

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