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Digital Vaccine Cards

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How To Integrate Digital Vaccine Cards with Salesforce Health Cloud

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Digital Vaccine Card

With vaccination campaigns underway, governments, healthcare organizations, and businesses are working to implement processes that enable our society to return to normal work and social environments. Immunity from the COVID-19 virus will play a key role in restoring safe public environments, and the underlying trust and information technology challenges of quickly verifying a person's current vaccination status must be at the forefront of healthcare organization's technology concerns.

Whether or not workplaces or schools will require COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees or students, receiving the vaccine and being able to prove it may make certain activities significantly easier. For workers in medical or educational settings or dealing with at-risk populations, a vaccination id can provide assurances and faster return-to-work.

Paper Covid-19 ID Cards

In the United States, patients vaccinated against COVID-19 receive a paper vaccination id card issued by the CDC and filled out by the administering healthcare organization or practitioner. While the underlying vaccination record may exist electronically, it leaves the public at large in the unfortunate position of having to safeguard and present a paper card as proof of vaccination.

Businesses have already started banding together to find digital solutions for the vaccine card problem. Forbes has reported that a coalition of businesses has joined forces to develop standards that can be used to generate vaccine record cards that can be stored in digital wallets like Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

Digital Vaccine ID Cards

In the meantime, our team at Relay has been working on using existing digital pass technology to implement digital vaccine id cards for Salesforce Health Cloud.

Our custom integration can generate COVID-19 vaccine cards that record both doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, along with patient id and date of birth. The digital vaccine card can be sent via text message, email, or made available from a patient portal using Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Digital passes can be generated for both Apple and Google Wallets, which are widely used already for storing payments methods, such as credits card, rewards cards, membership cards, and travel boarding passes. These passes are generated securely through registered and authenticated organizations, making them an ideal choice for a vaccine ID card.

With the low cost to develop and implement this Apple/Google Wallet capability in Salesforce, we believe all providers currently using Salesforce Health Cloud should move quickly to implement digital COVID-19 ID cards.

Watch our Digital Vaccine Card Quickbyte below:

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