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Top AppExchange Apps for Financial Professionals
We're going to take a look at the five best AppExchange apps that will transform your financial workflow.

When Salesforce comes up in conversation, many believe it is for Marketing or Sales leaders. But the truth is, it can deliver so much more.

The Salesforce platform can be the foundation for company-wide digital transformation, which can only help your business make informed, data-led decisions. Salesforce and the whole ecosystem of apps available with in the AppExchange can serve multiple business needs other than sales and marketing and that includes finance.

Whether your finance department is a solo-operation or a multi-disciplined team serving the needs of an enterprise organization, finance is no longer about just crunching numbers. The CFO and entire finance team are the control center of a business, viewing each decision on investment or cost reduction holistically. As a result, today’s CFO is more technology and analysis driven than ever.

The AppExchange is an incredible marketplace of more than three thousand custom applications any financial professional can leverage to help run their business more efficiently.

The Best Salesforce AppExchange Apps for Financial Services

1) nCino

Built by Bankers for Bankers. nCino connects financial institution employees, clients and third parties on a single, cloud-based platform. This eliminates silos and brings new levels of coordination and transparency to the institution. With the single platform approach it utilizes across business lines, processes and channels, banks and credit unions can leverage the same data and information across their entire organization. Because it's built on Salesforce, nCino is able to focus on product development to continue building deep vertical functionality specifically for banks and credit unions. Whether it's portfolio analytics, artificial intelligence, or loan origination, nCino has been a huge success story for financial professionals all around the world.

2) OwnBackup

The financial services industry are always subject to evolving regulations and have very strict audit and storage requirements. OwnBackup offers these organizations a secure, cost-effective Salesforce data protection and disaster recovery solution. Because of the sophisticated design, OwnBack up ensure the secure storage of backup files in a format that cannot be modified or deleted. Due to these high security requirements, OwnBackup is SEC compliant regarding electronic storage requirements. Financial professionals can sleep easy knowing client data is safe and secure.

3) Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed was created to allow technology to automate finances and make work more efficient. Built on the Salesforce platform, its allows customers to run their businesses their way and gives full control of their business management suite through automation, configuration, and customization. Whether you are managing multiple ledgers, billing cycle profitability, account transactions or P&L, Accounting Seed provides an innovative and trusted tool to transform your accounting practice.

4) Blackthorn Payments

Blackthorn Payments provides as deep of a Salesforce and Stripe integration as there is on the AppExchange. As a trusted, official partner to both Salesforce and Stripe, finance teams can feel safe knowing their company is using a solution that's on the forefront of online payment processing. With Blackthorn Payments, Salesforce users can manage everything Stripe offers without ever leaving Salesforce. Because the application is a 100% native to Salesforce, Blackthorn lets you process credit/debit cards and ACH payments directly from your Salesforce org. From a one-time payment, to complex recurring payments and payout flows, organizations can accept and process payments using Blackthorn. When payment dates and amounts are viewable in Salesforce, you can create financial reports that show real-time information about your business' financials. Blackthorn is the type of tool that allows your finance team see the bigger picture of the business on a day-to-day, payment-by-payment, basis.

5) FinancialForce

With FinancialForce you can build a true 360° view of your business where all of your critical information is instantly available when you need it. In essence, FinancialForce is a multi-everything cloud accounting engine. With it, you can connect your front and back office systems together to help drive business forward and bring you closer to your customers. With FinancialForce you can make profitability and financial management everyone's business.

Embracing Salesforce and the AppExchange will provide visibility of real-time data that you can analyze to gain a stronger understanding of the potential risks and opportunities behind the numbers. To begin your digital transformation of your business, reach out to the Relay team today to discover how our team of Salesforce experts can help you better utilize the tools within the Salesforce ecosystem.

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