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How Relay Uses Notion to Organize Anything and Everything
Turning chaos into order -- how Notion helped Relay structure everything from notes to projects.

When you’re starting a business, whether it’s large or small, preparing your team for success is a daunting task. With the amount of SaaS tools on the market, it’s easy to get inundated by offers and promises of “immediate success” and “best in class” but really this just leads to a fractured tech stack, confused employees and a wasteful subscription bill in the thousands each month.

That’s why at Relay we turned to Notion very quickly to serve as our main hub for everything. When I say everything, I really mean everything. HR, IT, Project Management, Development, Design, Marketing and Business Operations all live and breath within Notion. Instead of hopping from application to application, we can now have one source of truth for all our current projects that everyone can reference.

So what is Notion? Think of Notion as Excel, but if it was designed in 2020 instead of 1985. Even then that might be selling it short. At the heart of Notion, it’s really a Wiki. All your notes, documents and designs can all live in Notion and it can be as standard as a word processor. But if you think of Notion more as a workspace instead of an application, that’s where the power comes in. Product Roadmap? Task List? Design Repository? Content Calendar? That can all be built in Notion. It’s as powerful as your imagination.

At Relay, creating custom Salesforce applications takes focus and streamlined communication. That’s exactly what we focused on when building out our Notion workspace.

Each “page” is a different department. This is work in 2021. No longer do you have to walk over to each department to ask a question. It’s all there in one space. For new employees, this makes onboarding simple as can. All the information they could need is at their fingertips in one place without hopping applications wondering how to do something.  Efficiency is paramount to our projects and to our success.

What gives us confidence that Notion is here to stay is their robust community. Whether it’s the bustling hubs of Gumroad or aNotioneer or even the Notion official template gallery, finding a template that will fit your company's needs could not be easier. This will save you hours of build time, and could even save you lots of money over monthly subscription fees. That’s how we replaced Jira with aNotioneer’s Jira replacement or replaced Confluence with NuttLab’s fantastic Project Management Template. Thousands of dollars a year saved by migrating our processes to Notion.

At Relay, we build Salesforce solutions that just work. Solutions that save you and your company time, money and wasted effort over the course of months or years. That’s exactly what Notion did for us. If you’re looking to organize the chaos of your small business, look towards Notion and never look back.

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