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Relay Named Ridge Tier Salesforce Partner for 2022

We are proud to announce that we are entering into the summer of 2022 having achieved Ridge level partner status in the Salesforce Partner Program. This recognitions comes after an incredible year of all-around growth and delivering meaningful solutions to our clients and partners.

In 2021, our team grew by 5 members; adding to our roster operations, technical, and solutions architecture expertise. We delivered custom Salesforce solutions across varied industries like insurance, healthcare, finance, SaaS applications, and nonprofits.

"We continue to demonstrate that a personal approach to design, wide industry experience, and deep technical expertise deliver the most robust solutions for clients big and small." said Gustavo Melendez, the Founder and Lead Technical Architect of Relay. "Our goal is to continue to focus on helping clients make the most of the Salesforce platform through tailored custom development. From executives to end-users, businesses are tired of ill-fitting and poorly configured Salesforce solutions that complicate your day to day operations. We strive to develop tailored solutions that truly address your short term process needs while maintaining line of sight with longer term business goals and needs."

How did we get to Ridge Tier?

Relay has demonstrated the ability to scale across numerous industries while maintaining a consistent degree of knowledge and capacity for each industry. Part of that is showcasing our expertise through Salesforce's certification system.

Relay as a team have a combined 20 Salesforce certifications including Level 4 System Architect and Level 3 Application Architect and Nonprofit Cloud Consultant.  We are constantly striving for more and plan on adding additional certificates to our resumé in the coming year.

Beyond that, Relay has dedicated their practice to sustainable development and equality, two of the pillars of entering the Ridge tier. Salesforce has incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as the framework for partners to impact change in their local communities and Relay has gladly achieved all three goals. These include volunteerism, monetary donation and a corporate policy for sustainable development.

We are also proud to be a part of the "Pledge 1%" campaign where companies and partners across the world pledge to donate 1% of their time, profit, product or equity to charitable organizations.

Where do we go from here?

This is an incredibly exciting achievement for the entire Relay team as we truly believe this a reflection of all the hard work we have achieved with our clients throughout the years. We are truly thrilled by what we have built and what we will continue to build as a Ridge Tier consulting partner.

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