5 Features of Salesforce We Are NOT Thankful For

We all love Salesforce for many reasons but there are just a few things that we wish we could change. Take a look at five features of Salesforce we do NOT love.

While we all know and love Salesforce, the platform is by no means perfect. Certain actions take just a little too long and some features don't make a ton of sense if you haven't been using Salesforce for many years. We're very thankful that Salesforce exists and is thriving, but if we're being completely honest, here are a few things that we would change within Salesforce.

1) Can't use Dynamic Forms on Standard Objects

Dynamic forms is one of the more impressive and more powerful features that Salesforce has released quite some time. It allows you to create intuitive page layouts that present just the right information at just the right time. It's wonderful but for some reason you can only use it on custom objects and not standard objects. This limits how powerful dynamic forms can be, and this is something we hope changes very soon.

2) Too Many Clicks

This is an easy one, but Salesforce is very mouse-centric. Easy actions and modifications sometimes requires click after click to do what you need to do. Need to modify a field — click the pencil icon, modify the field, then click save. If you need to modify a lot of fields, you will certainly feel the clicks start to add up.

3) Better Merging for Non-Standard Objects

If you work with a large multi-developer team, then you are bound to face the issue of having to merge multiple objects for data cleanliness and efficiency. Salesforce makes this pretty easy for standard objects but a lot harder for non-standard objects. You can either write your own logic, or use one of the many apps in the AppExchange to accomplish this, but neither is ideal.

4) Customizing Role Layouts is a Pain

We love the ability to customize lightning pages and layouts for different roles, but if you get upwards of ten or more roles, it can be a chore to manage these correctly. Keeping all layouts in sync to ensure each user has the right experience is a tedious task and one we wish was just a bit easier to manage.

5) Not Auto-Saving

We've all been there, you spend upwards of 30 minutes updating a page layout or editing a few records and then work gets the better of you and you get distracted. By the time you remember what you were doing, you've been logged out and all your precious Salesforce work is now gone. It's 2021 and it's about time Salesforce autosaves you work in progress instead of waiting on you to hit the save button.

While the good still far outweighs the bad in the Salesforce world, nothing is perfect. At Relay, we fix all of your Salesforce issues no matter big or small. If there is something that you are not thankful for in Salesforce, get in touch and we will gladly correct it.

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