Creating a touchless registration form using QR Codes and Formstack

Many healthcare practitioners and organizations have transitioned to electronic health records systems (EHR), online patient portals, and electronic forms in order to streamline patient information management. There are still many forms used by healthcare organizations that a patient needs to fill out when they arrive for an appointment and providers have opted to use either paper forms or a shared tablet 😱.

As a Formstack partner, we know how easy and effective electronic forms can be incorporated into Salesforce. We took an opportunity to develop a solution that bridges traditional electronic forms with the touchless experiences that are necessary in the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Our team crafted a solution that incorporates QR Codes, Salesforce Health Cloud, and Formstack to develop a touchless check-in experience for patients.

The workflow is simple and effective:

  1. Salesforce generates a patient specific QR Code for a registration form.
  2. The QR Code is sent to a display in an office or curbside checkin location.
  3. The patient can scan the QR Code which will open the secure checkin form, pre-filled with their information.
  4. The patient can submit the form which is automatically stored in Salesforce.

Additional Insights