Integrating QuickBooks into Salesforce: Our Guide

Integrating QuickBooks into your Salesforce campaigns is easy with Relay. We’re the experts when it comes to all things Salesforce. Especially with our seamless QuickBooks integration strategies for your business’ Salesforce platform. Read on to learn more and discover just how much time you can save with a “QuickBooks + Salesforce” integration from Relay!

Always Preparing for Tax Day

As a business owner, you know you’re always preparing for tax day and other tax deadlines throughout the year. Your customers are most likely preparing for tax day and other tax responsibilities as well. With this being said, it’s important to have the right integrations throughout your Salesforce campaigns so you and your customers are prepared for anything which may come up throughout the course of conducting business.

Salesforce CRM + Accounting = Harmony

Accounting can be messy as it is. Pair accounting with the many moving parts of your company, multiple hands in the pot, and potential human error(s); and you may have quite the issue developing over time. With a properly set up Salesforce campaign, integrated successfully with QuickBooks, you’ll be able to create the harmonious relationship you’ve been searching for and stress less.

Reducing the Headaches Involved

As mentioned briefly above, accounting can be quite the headache. If we at Relay can help with the integration of your accounting and Salesforce platform, you’ll have a lot less headaches and be able to focus on the business side of things.

Viewing Your Business from a 360-Degree Point of View

Accounting can be as easy as seeing from a bird’s eye view or having to dive into minute details which may make your eyes go fuzzy. Which would you prefer? We thought you’d choose the bird's eye view. With an integration of QuickBooks and Salesforce for your organization, you no longer have to nitpick each and every set of financial data to discover what you’re searching for. With our customized approach here at Relay, there will be unique approaches to your business’ complex accounting problems; solved every step of the way.

Improving Sales & Revenue Management

The only way to improve is to reflect on past performance. If you can see your sales and revenue, all customized to your preferred styling; you’ll be able to reflect on what went right and what went wrong. This type of financial data separates the great from the good companies out there. Be the best you can be through analysis of your sales and revenue, all while improving inefficiencies each and every month. 

Generating Accurate Financial Data

Accuracy is another key component of any successful accounting implementation. Without accurate financial data, you’ll run the risk of reporting revenue incorrectly and this could be quite the mess with the IRS. Nobody wants to deal with an extensive audit, so take control of the financial data you compile and let Relay provide customized solutions to better display and analyze your financial data sets.

Optimizing Your Time

Time is money, and those who are business owners, accountants, or anyone involved with day-to-day financials realize this quite early on in most cases. Allow Relay to save you time, and in turn save you money over the long-term. Eliminate overbearing processes which strain your entire staff and see how Relay can help your organization achieve peak performance and efficiency with our unique strategies and implementations.

Allowing Operations to Run Smoother

When everything runs smoother in the accounting department, the rest of your business will most likely run much smoother as well. There’s something to be said about the accounting department. It’s the lifeblood of the company, and when there’s a wrench thrown into the mix, it may certainly cause ripple effects felt throughout the rest of your organization. Avoid this by integrating QuickBooks into your Salesforce platform and see how powerful data, accounting, and Salesforce can be.

Connecting Your Sales Team with Your Accounting Team

Sales and accounting go hand-in-hand. If one is not working correctly, the other is thrown off as well. Think about how interconnected sales is to accounting. Everything from commissions paid out, to revenue generated for the month, to expenses billed along the way. These are just a few examples of what can be customized to your liking when we build a truly customized Salesforce platform for you with QuickBooks integrated throughout.

Reduction in Data Duplication

Duplicate data could mean the difference between accurate financial reporting and a very  costly mistake. Don't allow yourself to accidentally pay out an invoice twice due to some mismanagement of your accounting processes. With a QuickBooks and Salesforce integration, you’re no longer beholden to human errors when everything is set up correctly the first time. Rest assured your financial statements are accurate and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

Increasing Overall Productivity

The entirety of your company’s productivity is dependent upon its people. When the people involved in your company are performing at their best thanks to not having to worry about accounting matters on a daily basis, everything else will most likely perform better. Taking the step in the right direction with a QuickBooks and Salesforce integration can be monumental when establishing patterns of your future success.

Focus On What Matters: Business Growth

”If you’re not growing, you’re slowing.” These words ring true in the world of business and they’ll certainly be felt strongly if your accounting is not operating as it should. Don’t let accounting mishaps deter proper business growth. You’ll want to look back on your years in business and appreciate just how much you were able to grow your company.

Taking Advantage of Your Accounting Data

The entire point of integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce is to take advantage of all the accounting data your organization produces every day. Not taking advantage of this precious data is leaving money on the table. Exploring how Relay can drive success your way through our custom Salesforce integrations will open up new doors to opportunities you never knew existed.

Choose Relay for Your Quickbooks Integration into Salesforce

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