Salesforce Solutions for Law Firms

Learn how a customized Salesforce solution can streamline your law firm's workflow.

Salesforce for Law Firms: Our Guide

Successful law firms are organized, efficient, and effective. When a law firm such as yours is beginning to grow and you’re seemingly playing “catch-up” every week, you can begin to feel extremely burdened with employee management, record maintenance, handling of cases, and admin work. In this post, we’ll be discussing how you can best implement a customized Salesforce approach with our team here at Relay. Read on to discover the power of Salesforce when paired with Relay custom applications can help your law firm accelerate and grow over the upcoming years.

How Salesforce Can Benefit Your Law Firm

Salesforce has a way of allowing your law firm to thrive without having to be inundated with extra amounts of task management and administrative work every single day. The main purpose of Salesforce, at least when Relay is customizing the approach, is to empower your law firm with the best foundation for future growth. Whether you need to know what is on the docket for the day, case status and case management, payment status, or even past client case outcomes, Salesforce can handle that.  Need to feed recent arrests into Salesforce? We can create an integration for that. Every implementation we make to your custom Salesforce environment is designed with you and your company in mind. There are many nuanced components of a Salesforce solution we’ve been able to identify over the years, and we’re thrilled to be able to incorporate our knowledge and expertise into your everyday practices.

Employee Management

With any successful law firm, there are going to be growing pains with employee management. With Salesforce, you’ll be able to manage your employees efficiently and effectively, across multiple departments with ease. From identifying skillsets of case managers so they are assigned the right kind of cases that match their strengths to being able to audit interactions they've recorded with clients and even keeping track of reviews and professional development plans, Salesforce can help with that. A customized approach to Salesforce will allow you to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to company-wide goals. Bridging the gap between employee departments as your law firm begins to transform from small to large is a critical component of your future success.

Maintaining Records

If your business records are scattered all over the place, both physically and digitally, you’ll probably end up experiencing issues along the way. With Salesforce, everything is housed digitally and cloud-based. Whether you’re visiting another city within your state to gain a better understanding of an ongoing case, or you’re on the other side of the world attending a legal conference; you’ll be able to pull the data you need within seconds. International law firms often have unintentional overlap between office locations and this could result in everything from miscommunication to an accidental over-billing of clients. Both of these scenarios are not ideal and may end up causing you undue grief and issues. Avoid this with a custom Salesforce application for your law firm.

Managing Complex Cases

Many law firms will encounter complex cases which require many hands in the pot, so to speak. When there are multiple variables at play, alongside multiple attorneys within your firm handling a single case; it can become complicated quite rapidly. To avoid a pending fiasco, you’ll want to manage your complex cases by having a clear understanding from the onset. This can be accomplished by establishing a solid plan, developing processes for common and uncommon actions, and coordinating the Salesforce workflow to meet your law firm’s unique needs. From there, it’ll most likely be much easier to manage complex cases, far and wide, across the globe.

Consolidating Administrative Work

Administrative work can be the final straw for many law firms when it comes to a buildup of stress and paperwork. A custom Salesforce build from Relay can help minimize redundancy and prevent a large buildup of to-do lists from overtaking all of your employees’ entire days. Automated emails which are trigged when case statuses update, or when court dates are set keep your client in the know. They know what is happening with their case, when the next court date is, and whether or not they need to be there. If their payment is overdue they can get automatic notifications, and you can process payment right in salesforce via an integration with your payment gateway. When Salesforce is implemented correctly from the start, you’ll often find there are many benefits to the overall day-to-day workflow; especially when it comes to admin work.

Contact Relay for a Customized Approach to Salesforce

If you’re a growing law firm, or even a highly established law firm seeking customized Salesforce applications; you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help your law firm exceed expectations, both internally and externally. Feel free to contact us using the form below and we’ll be sure to respond to your inquiry within one business day. We look forward to hearing from you soon and can’t wait to learn more about your law firm, your goals, and how we can help you quickly achieve your ambitions.

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