Top 5 Chrome Extensions to Transform your Salesforce Workflow

Salesforce is great, but we all know it can be enhanced. Let's take a look at our picks for the top five Chrome extensions that will transform your Salesforce workflow.

Salesforce is the world's most powerful, and most popular CRM for a reason. Companies all over the world invest huge amounts of capital and resources to make sure that their Salesforce instance is streamlined and functional. But even though your Salesforce has been tailored and fine-tuned to do exactly what you need, using it day to day provides it's own sets of challenges. Sometimes you need an easier way to access an API field name, hop across multiple sandboxes or simply need to find an easier way to add contacts from LinkedIn to your Salesforce org. That's where Google Chrome extensions become so invaluable.

So let's take a look at Relay's top five Chrome extensions to transform your Salesforce workflow.

Salesforce Inspector

If you're a power user or Salesforce admin, you are probably well aware of Salesforce Inspector by now. An invaluable tool for developers, Salesforce Inspector adds a metadata layout on top of the standard Salesforce UI. This allows you to quickly view field information directly from a record detail page or even see all data related to a record even if it's not on the page layout.

This gives every Salesforce power user deep insight into how a Salesforce org is composed and structured.

ORGanizer for Salesforce

If you find yourself bouncing between different Salesforce orgs all day, then you will want to take a close look at ORGanizer for Salesforce. Not only does it allow you to store all credentials related to all your Salesforce orgs, but it allows you to organize how your orgs are structured within your browser. You can also use the built in Quick Link tool to quickly access your most used Salesforce links or even customize these quick links to open a custom relative link.

Stop juggling logins for multiple Salesforce orgs and install ORGanizer for Salesforce.

Salesforce Navigator

While we all know and love Salesforce, we have to admit there is a lot of clicking around to find the page you need. Especially if you need to access admin settings. That's where Salesforce Navigator takes over. Using a custom keyboard shortcut, simply search for any page within Salesforce and Salesforce Navigator will take you right to it.

Saving those three or four clicks over the course of eight plus hours, will definitely add up and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Salesforce Hotkeys

If you're ready to dive further into the world of hotkeys, take a look at Salesforce Hotkeys to absolutely enhance your workflow. Any power user will tell you that a mouse can sometimes be the least efficient way to navigate any application and this includes Salesforce. With over fifty hotkey presets including creating new accounts, logging a call, saving a record or editing a record; you can save minutes or even hours a day navigating Salesforce via your keyboard.

While there is a slight learning curve to learning all the hotkeys, you will be flying through Salesforce like never before.


LinkedIn can be a representative's best friend in the sales process, but enriching your Salesforce data with LinkedIn information can be a bit of a manual affair. That's where Assistlead comes in to bridge the gap. Once on LinkedIn, activate the extension and then you can create new leads and contacts with a single click. Since all the lead information is culled directly from LinkedIn, this ensures your data is precise and more importantly up-to-date.

Make sure your leads and contacts never go stale and definitely take a look at AssistLead.

The Chrome app store is full of new extensions and add-ons that can completely change the way you use Salesforce. These are just a few of our favorites, but let us know which ones you rely on to make the most out of Salesforce.

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