Transforming Real Estate: How Pathway Homes Leverages Custom Salesforce Solutions and Portals for Success

In an industry where the client experience is paramount, leveraging technology to streamline operations and deliver personalized service is key. For real estate and property management businesses, the right technology can transform workflows, improve client satisfaction, and ultimately, boost the bottom line. At Relay, we specialize in developing custom Salesforce solutions that achieve just this. Today, we share the story of Pathway Homes, a client that experienced firsthand the transformative power of our Salesforce-integrated solutions.

Pathway Homes: A Unique Approach to Home Ownership

Pathway Homes stands out in the real estate market with their unique rent-to-own business model. They enable first-time homebuyers to gradually build up savings towards purchasing a home, bridging the gap between renting and owning. However, their unique approach also presented unique challenges, especially when it came to managing the property lifecycle and the renting-to-owning journey. That's where Relay stepped in.

The Challenge

Pathway Homes needed a comprehensive solution that would streamline their property management process, offer an efficient way to manage listings, and provide a seamless experience for potential homeowners applying through their portal.

The Relay Solution: A Salesforce-Integrated Custom Portal

Recognizing the power of Salesforce as a centralized hub for all property information, Relay designed a custom solution tailored specifically to Pathway Homes’ needs. We integrated Salesforce to manage the entire property management and listing lifecycle. This allowed Pathway Homes to optimize their lease process, capture key metrics for all units, and ensure efficient property acquisitions and renewals.

To enhance Pathway Homes’ online presence, Relay developed a custom website integrated with Salesforce. The website featured a dynamic listing search, allowing potential homebuyers to easily browse available properties.

But we didn't stop there. Recognizing the need for a smooth application process, we also developed a custom applicant portal. This portal seamlessly guided potential homebuyers through the application process, capturing necessary information, and feeding it back into Salesforce.

The Result: Streamlined Operations and Improved Client Experience

The custom Salesforce solutions developed by Relay transformed Pathway Homes' operations. By automating many previously manual processes, we freed up their team to focus on what mattered most - providing a superior client experience and helping first-time buyers realize their dream of owning a home.

The Power of Custom Salesforce Solutions in Real Estate

Pathway Homes' success story illustrates the power of custom Salesforce solutions in the real estate industry. By centralizing information, streamlining processes, and creating seamless customer experiences, businesses can truly set themselves apart.

At Relay, we're proud to be a part of this digital transformation. With deep industry knowledge and a strong foundation in Salesforce CRM consulting, we're prepared to help other businesses like Pathway Homes revolutionize their operations. If you're ready to enhance your real estate or property management business with Salesforce, Relay is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our custom solutions and how they can transform your business.

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