What can you do with the new Notion API & Salesforce?

Learn about how Relay integrates and uses the new Notion API Beta with Salesforce.

The Notion API is finally here

It's a long time coming, but the Notion API is finally available for public beta — ready to expand the Notion ecosystem in a big way. The implications for its use and how it can interact with other applications could be absolutely game-changing for many companies.

If you missed our previous post on Notion, consider it to be the all-in-one database manager that can do pretty much anything and everything.  Asset lists, company wikis, spreadsheets, client portals and way, way more. The introduction of the public API expands the capabilities of Notion even further than that.

What can you do with the new API?

An API allows developers to make two applications talk to each other and essentially share data across platforms. With them, you can automate processes between systems or augment them with new capabilities.

The possibilities are endless, but due to the blank slate database structure of Notion it allows for real creative solutions for common issues.

Since we're intensely focused on Salesforce at Relay, we decided to hone our attention towards the use cases for the Notion API and Salesforce.

Use Case for the Notion API and Salesforce

  • Sync contact records from Salesforce into a Notion table
  • Import closed deals into a Notion kanban table
  • Sync tasks from Notion tables into Salesforce

No longer do you have to manually update both Salesforce and Notion separately to keep both tools in sync as now it will update automatically for you through the API. This removes hours of tedious updating, and more importantly ensures that there is a single source of truth for all your data, whether in Notion or Salesforce.

Notion API + Salesforce Showcase

Limitations of the Notion API

Right now the Notion API is still in public beta which means it can do a lot, but there is a still a bunch of stuff it can not do—yet.

As of today, you need to create a "bot" for the Notion API to interact with and then subsequently invite the bot into the database you want it to modify. It's a bit ad-hoc and doesn't allow you to interact with, say, multiple databases at the same time or perform modifications to top level pages. Right now, it's strictly limited to database updating which is great, but there is definite room for growth.

Next Steps

As you can see, the Notion API opens up the possibilities for applications small and large to communicate with Notion. But at Relay, we are ecstatic about the future between Salesforce and Notion. Both platforms are making their mark in small businesses across the world and now that Notion can communicate with Salesforce, the growth potential is limitless.

Are you interested in using the Notion API with your Salesforce org? Feel free to reach out to us here, and we will be glad to get you started right away.

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