Working with a Custom Salesforce Developer

What should you expect when working with a custom Salesforce developer?

You may be asking this exact question as you’re reading this post. We’re glad you're searching for answers when it comes to working with a custom Salesforce developer. We know you’re most likely curious about what we at Relay can offer your company. Throughout this post, we’ll be answering your questions, and so much more.

Why Salesforce Development is Growing More than Ever Before

Salesforce is a great tool and can be used for almost any industry or use case. You can use it right out of the box, get a license and start entering your data. But if you want to get the most out of Salesforce and use it to its fullest potential, consider custom development so you can set it up for your workflows, use cases, processes, and things you and your business find most important.

What is Custom Salesforce Application Development?

Custom Salesforce application development is quite simply what it seems to be: a customized approach where an app is developed to accomplish specific tasks or processes unique to the goals within your organization. At Relay, we have worked with numerous industries to best leverage their Salesforce environment. Through our combined years of experience, we have learned rapidly what works and what does not work.

Clean Up Your Data Sets

When working with a custom Salesforce developer, you want to make sure your data is tidy and well maintained. If there is one thing that can push a project back is messy, unhinged data. When we create a custom Salesforce solution for your business, we set it up in a way which makes sense to your users, collects key data and doesn’t overwhelm them with un-necessary fields, pages, rules and clicking. We will arrange pages, required fields and validations to collect the required data with the least hassle. Possessing clean data and utilizing that clean data is what will help you stand apart from your competitors.

Truly Custom Platforms

The beauty of customized Salesforce platforms is that it’s catered towards your every need as a company. The integration possibilities are there for the taking, the workflows can be modified to meet your needs, and the processes involved within data analysis can be anywhere from granular to macro-level. We can help integrate with back-end systems, setup a mobile app, or integrate your email. It’s completely up to you how far you want to take everything and what your end goals are within the overall custom Salesforce development experience.

Self-Serviced Applications

One of the advantages of working with a custom developer is being able to fine-tune and create self-service apps for your organization. Self-service apps allow you to blend customer interaction with your organization's features and services; all the while not having to place extra stress on your customer support team. It’s an ideal way to go if your team is small and rely on efficiency.

Salesforce Development Services We Provide Here at Relay

Below is a brief overview of the custom Salesforce development services we provide here at Relay and what you can expect when we work together. With so many features and customizations available all throughout the world of Salesforce, we’ve realized the best way to determine which route to take is to ask you where you want to see your organization thrive. From there, we will often apply the following in some way, shape, or form.

Custom Salesforce Development

Here at Relay, we want a custom Salesforce development to enhance your organization, not drag it down with unnecessary features. We’ve optimized our workflow to improve your workflow. This means we’re able to precisely identify which features and customizations for Salesforce will work best for your organization, and your organization only. A truly customized Salesforce approach is defined as truly customized to your organization, exclusively.

Mobile Development

A key part to any successful Salesforce implementation is mobile development. You staff is mobile, their CRM should be as well. With a mobile-first development strategy whether users are in the office or on the go, they will have access to the info they need, when they need it. We address any and all factors within the development process to further optimize your mobile-first experience for your users. Additionally, nearly all of this can be built upon your existing digital infrastructure in most cases.

Lightning Enterprise Development

Automation, integration, and customization are the main components of Salesforce Lightning Enterprise Development. Lightning helps us bring your Salesforce to the here and now. You users aren’t on Blackberries anymore, don’t hold them back with an old out of date CRM. Through Lightning, we’ve elevated many organizations to new heights by customizing solutions which focus on the user-experience and your experience.

Salesforce Integration & Migration

Do you need to integrate orders from an on-prem system? Do you want to get current pricing from your SAP system? We can integrate those. Just need to see your Gmail conversations in Salesforce? We can help with that too. Integrations big and small, we’ve done them. Are you new to Salesforce and have data here, there, and everywhere? We can help migrate that data from the old databases into Salesforce.

Choosing Relay for Your Custom Salesforce Development

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