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Do you feel like you're always chasing opportunities, but not sure which ones to focus on?

Opportunity Shape can help you quickly and easily identify good and bad opportunities so you can focus your time and energy on deals that have the best chance of closing.

Scoring Dimensions
Opportunity Shape allows you to design scoring dimensions that align with your ideal customer and buying process.
Opportunity Shape Dashboard
View all your opportunities and their shapes in a unified dashboard. Select multiple opportunities to visualize aggregate shapes and find commonalities and outliers.
Focus on the right deals with Opportunity Shape!

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Feature Roadmap

Implemented Features
  • Customize up to 6 scoring dimensions

  • Opportunity shape dashboard to view commonalties across deals.

  • Filter the opportunity shape dashboard by using list views

  • Select multiple opportunities from the dashboard to visualize common shapes

Implemented Features
  • Hover over opportunity shapes to view scores at a glance

  • Unified opportunity shape score

  • Create multiple scoring frameworks so you can score an opportunity multiple ways

  • Automatic scoring based on opportunity data points

  • Enhanced score reporting

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