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A Little Makes A Lot

Small yet mighty Salesforce applications that solve exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.
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A Micro Mission
Tackling big problems with tiny applications
For years we’ve been helping our clients solve their unique pain points with custom development. Over time we began to recognize a pattern to many of these issues, so we set out to develop bite sized apps that could improve the day to day tasks of teams from three to three hundred.
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Simple to Implement

Repetitive tasks can slow you down

Shaving a few seconds off of every task adds up to huge savings for your business over time.

Easy Installation

Download and install any app in minutes.

Whether through Chrome or the AppExchange, we’ve customized the way each app is best installed for frictionless employment.

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Cost Effective Pricing

Software should be accessible to teams large and small.

That’s why we’ve prioritized our pricing to benefit tiny teams with big problems to solve.

Value to your team

MicroApps will improve your team's efficiency throughout the day.

Simple, easy to learn, purposeful applications that enhances your workflow.

No costly bundles or long term contracts, pay for what you need for however long you need it.

Stop switching between bloated third party applications and use small, efficient utilities that sit right inside Salesforce.

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