Run thousands of sales forecast simulations with a few clicks so you can confidently close your quarter.

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It only takes a couple of opportunities to slip into the next quarter for your team to miss their targets.

Stay on top of your pipeline by running 50,000 simulations with one click!

Take the guesswork out of 'What-if' analysis
Confidence enables you to simulate multiple pipeline scenarios to gain a better perspective on possible sales outcomes. Adjust your simulation to see best and worst case scenarios.
Visualize Sales Forecast Probabilities
Confidence produces estimated forecast outcomes and probabilities so you can make informed decisions about your pipeline.
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Feature Roadmap

Implemented Features
  • Filter opportunities by owner or list view

  • Simulate close date slip on a percentage of your pipeline or only opportunities with a close date near the end of the month

  • Slip opportunity close dates to next month, next quarter, or by 30, 60, or 90 days

  • Simplified human-readable interpretations of forecast statistics

Feature Roadmap
  • Manually add or remove an opportunity from the simulation

  • Filter opportunities by amount so you can simulate the effect that large opportunities have on the forecast

  • Save a forecast snapshot so you can visualize how it changes across time

  • Interactive range slider on probability graph to inspect simulation outcomes

  • Features requested by alpha testers!

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