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Easily share, access, and manage Box files within Salesforce.

Align Sales and Content

Embed the Box interface within Salesforce records to provide users with a quick way to access and manage content without leaving Salesforce. Associate Box folders with records to ensure the most important content is accessible.

Work anywhere, from any device

Close deals on-the-go with Salesforce1 mobile application compatibility. Leverage all of the same Box for Salesforce desktop functionality to access sales content and work more effectively while in the field.

Maintain Content Permissions

Map and sync Box and Salesforce permissions to ensure the right people have access to the right content. Enable Auto-Collab to streamline work and automatically add record viewers as collaborators to associated Box folders.

Quote Marks

Box for Salesforce is the easiest and quickest way to combine your Box enterprise content with your Salesforce data. Right from within the Salesforce interface, you can share, access, and manage all the content you have stored in Box. Access Box directly from within the Salesforce interface.

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