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Automate Go-To-Market Operations with a Salesforce-Native Solution

LeanData Matching

- Industry-leading fuzzy matching algorithm ensures you get the most out of your Salesforce data
- Define your match rules for the most accurate match
- Enhance leads with account data so that no lead gets left behind

LeanData Routing

- Use a drag-and-drop interface to build and change complex routing flows on the fly
- Create flexible round robins to speed lead response times
- View audit logs and deployment histories for easy troubleshooting

LeanData Engagement

- See who is engaged in every account along the account journey
- Measure and track how Marketing and Sales are engaging target accounts
- Understand how specific buyers engage with account-based programs

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LeanData is a platform that enables revenue teams (marketing, sales, customer, and partner ops) to manage all go-to-market motions.

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