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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Harness the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Salesforce.

Elevate your Salesforce Data with LinkedIn Insights

Without leaving their CRM, sales professionals can leverage Embedded Profiles to search for and view key insights on buyers, stay updated on relevant news and activities, find warm introductions via TeamLink, see recommended leads, and send InMails directly to contacts. Within Lightning, admins are able to customize the interface and create a more immersive experience to fit their team’s needs.

Keep Your CRM Up-To-Date

Sales managers and professionals can keep CRM data up-to-date automatically by leveraging LinkedIn Data Validation. Pinpoint which contacts are associated with incorrect accounts, and use out-of-the-box reports to understand opportunities at risk (e.g. open opportunities where an associated contact is no longer with that company) as well as potential champions via past customers at new companies (e.g. contacts at closed-won opportunities who are now associated with a new company).

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