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Use the Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks to connect your SalesForce and QuickBooks accounts.

Automate Your Sales to Accounting Workflow

Integrate CRM and Accounting to help your sales and finance teams work better together with an automated quote to cash process. Ensure consistency of information regarding accounts, invoices and payments.

360-Degree View of Your Financial Data

Gain complete visibility of important Salesforce and QuickBooks data in real time, all in one place.

Automate Reminders and Reconciliation

Send custom reminders for invoices due and have payments reflected in both Salesforce and QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Opportunities in QuickBooks

Every time you mark an opportunity as Closed Won in Salesforce, it sends the opportunity over to QuickBooks. QuickBooks automatically creates a draft sales form from it.

Quote Marks

Looking for accounting and ERP systems that incorporate well with your CRM software is essential. QuickBooks is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that easily integrates with Salesforce.

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