5 NEW Salesforce features we’re thankful for in 2022

2022 was a big year in the Salesforce world filled with new features and massive new announcements. We're going to highlight our top five features that we were very thankful for in 2022.

It’s that time of the year again! Last year we counted down the five features of Salesforce that we are thankful for and this year we’re back with five new features we appreciate day in and day out. Salesforce is always adding new features to enhance the customer experience, whether it’s very large such as Salesforce Genie or a tweak along the margins such as adding dynamic actions to show custom flow action buttons in the highlights panel rather than the feed panel. We’re always surprised by what Salesforce will add and this year has been no exception. Let's take a look at Relay's favorite additions of 2022.

Redesigned AppExchange Website

We’ve all been staring at the same AppExchange website for years now and while it’s been very serviceable, a lot has changed since the last time it was given an overhaul. With a new streamlined, sleek interface, you’re now able to find apps quicker using advanced filtering and sorting. In addition, all page loading has been made much faster and you’re able to hop around the website with ease instead of waiting for pages to load. The app pages have been given an overhaul as well allowing you to get relevant information at a glance along with the ability to filter reviews by reviewer badge ranking. We’re big fans and we’re actually looking forward to spending more time on the AppExchange website.

Data Table Beta Arrives!

It’s been a long requested feature, but it’s finally here - Data Tables. The Datatable component has been a very popular Lightning Web Component for a while, allowing developers to add a configurable, sortable datatable on a flow screen. It’s officially here and the integration is just as we hoped. Flows can now have a beautiful table of record data and users can select and view the exact information they want to continue with the flow. We’re very excited to give this new component a lot of heavy usage.

Record Type Filtering for Picklists

Another addition we’re thrilled to see is record type filtering for picklists in Dynamic Forms for Flow.  Now when a user selects a value from a picklist in Flow, the following categories will be relevant to that picklist value. This is going to be huge for case creations and allow for much more pointed data when created.


One of our absolute favorite AppExchange apps of 2022 and for good reason. Without any code, users can add Flow, Modal, or Toast pop-up message to any Lightning or Community page. Whether you want to add validation to your record creation, or simply create a on-boarding wizard for new customers, PopUps will allow you to do just that. Best part of it all, it’s absolutely free.

Dynamic Gauge Charts

This is a small one, but in our eyes one that is super useful for dashboard creators. The top voted customer idea of the Winter ‘22 release, with 14,000 votes was dynamic gauge charts. This allows teams to view and measure their goals and KPIs on a real-time gauge that changes dynamically over time instead of remaining fixed with a specific number. Your business changes rapidly, so instead of having to update your gauges on ALL your charts each time conditions shift, dynamic gauges will adjust for you.

2022 was a feature packed year for Salesforce, with the acquisition of Slack coming into full focus with Slack-First Customer 360, Slack Canvas and of course the possible revolution of Salesforce Genie. It was hard to narrow it down to just five, but to be honest, we might need to expand next year’s list to ten as we anticipate a very busy 2023 for Salesforce.

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