5 Features of Salesforce We ARE Thankful For

We are incredibly thankful for the Salesforce platform for so many reasons. Take a look to see our top five reasons we are thankful for Salesforce this year.

Now that we discussed the features of Salesforce we don't like, let's talk about the features that we do like — and there are A LOT. At Relay we are not only experts in Salesforce, but we are incredible advocates for the platform as well. There is simply no competition to the breadth of features that Salesforce provides. Let's take a look at the five Salesforce features we are most thankful for.

1) Can Prototype a Solution Very Quickly

Because Salesforce is such a broad platform and encompasses so many components, you can take an idea from inception to completion incredibly quick. Many Salesforce developers choose to use third party apps such as Avonni Creator or Sketch to prototype their UX ahead of time, but if you already have a sense of what you want your app to be, you can work right in Salesforce. Using Lightning Web Components, you can mock up a rough version of your app in no time, without ever writing a single piece of code.

2) Free Apps on the AppExchange

It's no secret we are huge fans of the Salesforce AppExchange. Now due to the nature of Salesforce, most of the apps on the AppExchange skew towards the more expensive side. But in fact, there are a ton of great free apps that often go overlooked. Whether it's Ringlead Field Trip, to analyze your org's field usage or S-Docs to supercharge your Salesforce documents, there is no shortage of absolutely free apps that will improve your team's productivity.

3) Paid Apps on the AppExchange

While we do love free apps on the AppExchange, it's only once you delve into paid apps that you can truly transform your Salesforce workspace. Looking to revolutionize your sales operations? Take a look at SalesPath+ that will give you full control of your sales lifecycle. Need advanced contract management? Docusign is the absolute king of that space. What if you need to build complex forms for data intake? Formstack will allow you to create forms natively right within Salesforce.

Whatever challenge you are trying to solve, the AppExchange will have an app that can provide a solution.

4) Salesforce Community

Behind the entire Salesforce ecosystem, lies the community that has made Salesforce what it is today. Chances are that if you have an issue within Salesforce, there are hundreds of trailblazers and community members who are having the same issue. Join groups, ask questions, make connections and attend events — it's what makes the community extremely powerful.

5) It's as Complex as You Want

What really makes Salesforce such a special platform is the adjusting learning curves based on what you are looking to do for a given task. If you are brand new and just learning, you can design page layouts in Lightning Experience or add fields using drag and drop without an ounce of code. If you're a more advanced user, you can use Apex to create very complex applications that do exactly what you need. Both users on the same platform, working in concert.

These are only a few of the hundreds of reasons we love and are thankful for Salesforce. It's the world's most powerful platform and it's growth is only beginning.

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