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Top 5 Marketing Apps for Salesforce
Whether you are a Pardot guru or just getting started, we'll point you in the right direction with the five best apps on the Salesforce AppExchange to power up your marketing efforts.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign for Salesforce combines the power of customer experience automation with data from Salesforce to create a more personalized customer experience that turns leads into repeat customers. By aligning sales and marketing teams through the Salesforce integration the app alerts you to the right customers at the right time.


Easily add text messaging to Salesforce with the Global Leader in Cloud Communications - Twilio. Use Salesforce data and components you know to customize SMS messaging and report on results. With an out of the box setup Twilio SMS works with the Salesforce data and tools you rely on every day.


With Typeform, capture more leads, support tickets and data in a streamlined, unified interface and automatically send form responses to Salesforce as leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities or cases.  Create forms that contain elements such as multiple choice, picture choice, rating scale, emails and more. Then integrate this data right into Salesforce.

Campaign Monitor

With the Campaign Monitor Salesforce integration, you'll no longer need your tech team to manually pull a list or gather data for you before you can create your hyper-targeted emails your subscribers expect. View email statistics, map Campaign Monitor email fields and automatically add subscribers without ever having to leave Salesforce.

Mercury SMS

Mercury SMS integrates directly with the Salesforce platform, connecting businesses with their customers communicate with prospects in real time using two way messaging that may be automated but feel incredibly personalized

Top AppExchange Apps that will Transform your Sales Team
If you are looking to enhance your sales teams workflows, take a look at our picks for the top apps in the Salesforce AppExchange to do just that.

Technology is changing the way that businesses operates. The available software, apps, and tools are giving people the chance to do things in a simpler, more streamlined, and more effective way than ever before. With apps from the Salesforce AppExchange, your team can solve business challenges, increase collaboration and provide a better customer experience. When done correctly, this streamlines the journey form prospect to paying customer.

When your sales team has the best tools for the job, they’ll be better able to meet your customers where they are and deliver the level of service required. When your team can automate routine and redundant tasks, it frees up their time for things that really need their attention...closing deals. It’s all about giving your team the tools to help them succeed so that they can help your business grow.

Working with the Salesforce platform, it a lot easier than you might think. Let’s explore some of the apps on the Salesforce AppExchange your sales team should be working with.

Top AppExchange Apps that will Transform your Sales Team

1) SalesPath+

SalesPath+ is an innovative Salesforce AppExchange app that enables sales management to deploy best practices across the entire sales organization. It also allows you to enforce desired sales cadence, and implement real-time predictive reporting and forecasting. With SalesPath+ sales reps will have the ability to leverage the custom SalesPaths for any use case, or sales type to improve sale win rates and avoid the "End of Quarter Rush."

For Sales Leadership they will have improved Sales forecast accuracy, improve CRM hygiene and better reporting on competitive positioning and market position. The predictive close dates provides a higher level of confidence knowing when a deal is likely to close which removes the guesswork and helps maintain a metered sales cadence.

2) Slack

Everyone likes and needs to stay on top of their work and stay in the loop of what is happening with your team. Now Sales reps can receive custom Salesforce notification immediately in Slack. No more logging out of one program to go into another. Search and preview Salesforce records without leaving Slack and see information such as accounts, leads, opportunities and cases. Send records from Salesforce directly to your Slack and send your Slack conversations back to Salesforce for your records. With Slack you can easily stay in the know, Keep everyone on track and extend collaboration across sales and service and your customers.

3) LinkedIn Sales Nav

Connecting LinkedIn and Salesforce allows your team to harness the combined power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and your CRM. This allows your team to see sales activity all in one place, without having to leave Salesforce. Your team can spend less time jumping between platforms and more time engaging with leads. This allows your sales team to target leads and accounts that are right for your products and services. It also allows your team to engage leads and accounts with personalized outreach. Save time as every message is captured in Salesforce.

4) DocuSign

DocuSign for Salesforce allows sales professionals to send, route, sign, track and save agreements without ever leaving Salesforce. This helps companies streamline sales and recognize revenue faster. DocuSign for Salesforce is designed to give a boost to sales teams throughout all stages of their sales cycle, maximizing the Salesforce investment for small to growing businesses. Whether you are the company CEO, head of sales or business development lead, your goal is to grow fast and sell as efficiently as possible.

5) Cirrus Insight (Gmail)

Do you need an all-in-one tool that packs a powerful punch? Cirrus Insight just might be the Salesforce app you’re looking for. Cirrus Insight is a must-have addition for any sales rep who wants to make the most out of their time. The Cirrus Insight connector for Gmail automatically logs your activity into Salesforce, allowing you to focus on prospecting, meeting with clients, and closing deals.

Plus the Cirrus Insight Salesforce integration allows for one-click calendar sharing, email and web visitor tracking for better prospecting, and timely insights and reports on customer behavior.

Whether it's prospecting, closing or tracking deals, technology will always be a major factor. With these tools in the AppExchange your Sales team will be able to sell faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Top AppExchange Apps for Financial Professionals
We're going to take a look at the five best AppExchange apps that will transform your financial workflow.

When Salesforce comes up in conversation, many believe it is for Marketing or Sales leaders. But the truth is, it can deliver so much more.

The Salesforce platform can be the foundation for company-wide digital transformation, which can only help your business make informed, data-led decisions. Salesforce and the whole ecosystem of apps available with in the AppExchange can serve multiple business needs other than sales and marketing and that includes finance.

Whether your finance department is a solo-operation or a multi-disciplined team serving the needs of an enterprise organization, finance is no longer about just crunching numbers. The CFO and entire finance team are the control center of a business, viewing each decision on investment or cost reduction holistically. As a result, today’s CFO is more technology and analysis driven than ever.

The AppExchange is an incredible marketplace of more than three thousand custom applications any financial professional can leverage to help run their business more efficiently.

The Best Salesforce AppExchange Apps for Financial Services

1) nCino

Built by Bankers for Bankers. nCino connects financial institution employees, clients and third parties on a single, cloud-based platform. This eliminates silos and brings new levels of coordination and transparency to the institution. With the single platform approach it utilizes across business lines, processes and channels, banks and credit unions can leverage the same data and information across their entire organization. Because it's built on Salesforce, nCino is able to focus on product development to continue building deep vertical functionality specifically for banks and credit unions. Whether it's portfolio analytics, artificial intelligence, or loan origination, nCino has been a huge success story for financial professionals all around the world.

2) OwnBackup

The financial services industry are always subject to evolving regulations and have very strict audit and storage requirements. OwnBackup offers these organizations a secure, cost-effective Salesforce data protection and disaster recovery solution. Because of the sophisticated design, OwnBack up ensure the secure storage of backup files in a format that cannot be modified or deleted. Due to these high security requirements, OwnBackup is SEC compliant regarding electronic storage requirements. Financial professionals can sleep easy knowing client data is safe and secure.

3) Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed was created to allow technology to automate finances and make work more efficient. Built on the Salesforce platform, its allows customers to run their businesses their way and gives full control of their business management suite through automation, configuration, and customization. Whether you are managing multiple ledgers, billing cycle profitability, account transactions or P&L, Accounting Seed provides an innovative and trusted tool to transform your accounting practice.

4) Blackthorn Payments

Blackthorn Payments provides as deep of a Salesforce and Stripe integration as there is on the AppExchange. As a trusted, official partner to both Salesforce and Stripe, finance teams can feel safe knowing their company is using a solution that's on the forefront of online payment processing. With Blackthorn Payments, Salesforce users can manage everything Stripe offers without ever leaving Salesforce. Because the application is a 100% native to Salesforce, Blackthorn lets you process credit/debit cards and ACH payments directly from your Salesforce org. From a one-time payment, to complex recurring payments and payout flows, organizations can accept and process payments using Blackthorn. When payment dates and amounts are viewable in Salesforce, you can create financial reports that show real-time information about your business' financials. Blackthorn is the type of tool that allows your finance team see the bigger picture of the business on a day-to-day, payment-by-payment, basis.

5) FinancialForce

With FinancialForce you can build a true 360° view of your business where all of your critical information is instantly available when you need it. In essence, FinancialForce is a multi-everything cloud accounting engine. With it, you can connect your front and back office systems together to help drive business forward and bring you closer to your customers. With FinancialForce you can make profitability and financial management everyone's business.

Embracing Salesforce and the AppExchange will provide visibility of real-time data that you can analyze to gain a stronger understanding of the potential risks and opportunities behind the numbers. To begin your digital transformation of your business, reach out to the Relay team today to discover how our team of Salesforce experts can help you better utilize the tools within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Small Business Week - Best AppExchange Apps for Small Businesses

What is the AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange is an intricate ecosystem of more than three thousand apps, which are ready to install, eighty thousand peer reviews, and over six million client installs that help in the solution of business challenges across the board.

The AppExchange is an incredible marketplace of custom applications any small business can leverage to help run their business more efficiently. The most prominent benefits include, Ready to Use apps, Enterprise-level reliability, low maintenance costs and the ability to separate testing and production to ensure data integrity.

Top 6 AppExchange Apps for Small Businesses

1) Jotform

Jotform is a supercharged no-code solution for Salesforce that allows users to automate their data collection and management flows. Users can create dynamic forms for all purposes and collect lead information, e-signatures and payments with ease. Jotform also allows users to automate workflows, assign tasks and build approval flows. 

It’s an all-around tool for small businesses looking to save time on managing data as it offers auto-generated reports, graphs, dashboards and calendars. Jotform allows you to eliminate manual data entry in general and focus on closing more deals with the variety of automation features it includes. Users also have the option to store data in their Salesforce account or transfer it to one of the many other apps it integrates with.

2) DocuSign

DocuSign is built on the Salesforce platform, and powered by Lightning. With over 125 million small businesses worldwide, most have inefficient and fragmented agreement reaching methods. On average, small business teams spend at least 23% of their days doing tasks manually, such as inputting data. This time could be spent on other productive tasks.

Using DocuSign, more than 80% of e-signature transactions are finalized in under 24 hours, allowing these businesses to focus on their customers. Used with Salesforce Essentials, DocuSign helps small businesses to conclude agreements faster, form contracts, quotes, sales orders, etc.

3) Formstack

Formstack gives a superbly easy UI for drag-and-drop creation of most any form imaginable. Use it for webforms, sign-ups, surveys, and customer feedback, among, well, whatever you need a form form. Formstack for Salesforce is a set of dynamic, customizable modules that allow Salesforce customers to digitize processes at scale, in and around their Salesforce org.

You can also integrate payment functions, and the Salesforce-native environment ties things nicely in with your Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. The reasonable pricing is also quite friendly for tight budgets and scalable even for just a few users, making it accessible for the smallest of small businesses.

4) SMS-Magic

SMS- Magic is a complete business messaging solution that supports multichannel messaging and automated & interactive conversations. Natively built with components for Sales & Service Cloud, Console, Lightning, & Salesforce mobile App. Install SMS-Magic to converse with your customers on the channel of their choice - while you stay in the comfort of your Salesforce window or even smartphone. It is perfect for high-touch, contextual, and time-sensitive customer engagement.

With SMS- Magic you can better engage with your audience, expand your reach and connect with customer on a deeper level.

5) Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight brings professional email tools to your inbox to boost your productivity and help you focus on connecting with clients and prospects. Fortune 500 companies (how many??) and freelancers leverage Cirrus Insight for email tracking, email templates, drip campaigns, follow up reminders, meeting scheduling, and world-class Salesforce integration.

6) QuickBooks

The Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks app helps connect your Salesforce and QuickBooks accounts. QuickBooks will then automatically start downloading closed opportunities from Salesforce and then create draft sales forms. All you have to do is approve the drafts to add them to QuickBooks. This connection speeds up the sales cycle and keeps all of your info organized. Gain complete visibility on business and cash flow, and get a 360-degree view of important Salesforce and QuickBooks data in real time, all in one place.

With over three thousand apps, the Salesforce AppExchange can be extremely overwhelming. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg in regards to the thousands of available apps for Small Businesses. Reach out to the Relay team today to discover how our team of Salesforce experts can help you better utilize the tools within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Native Forms - New Salesforce apps you should know about
Each week we will bring you a new app from the Salesforce AppExchange that has caught our attention. This week we are highlighting the powerful Native Forms for Salesforce.

We like to think that we know what makes a good Salesforce app at Relay. Intuitive design, ease of use, incredibly stable and builds upon the already amazing foundation of Salesforce. We are always are on the lookout for apps that will not only transform our workflows but the workflows of our customers and friends. So we'll routinely be bringing you the best of the best from the Salesforce App Exchange.

Today we'll be highlighting Native Forms for Salesforce. This native Salesforce application, that's currently free as an early adopter, has already transformed the way we collect and intake customer information into our Salesforce environment while preserving our existing workflows and rules.

Think of the scenario -- you need vital customer information to help keep your project moving. You could use any number of third-party apps to create a form, send the form along, wait for the customer to provide input and then manually copy and paste over their answers. It's a time consuming task that slows down the entire process. Instead you could build out a form within Native Forms, link the answer fields to fields within your Salesforce and then have the customer dynamically update the designated fields in Salesforce. The information is updated and you have saved hours without touching a single external tool.

Let's take a look at how it works:

Building Your Form

Building your form with Native Forms could not be simpler and in fact, not a single line of code is needed. Using the drag-and-drop editor, you just need to select your Object Type and then away you go. You're able to drag any available object field to your form and customize your form to meet your brand's exact needs using images, background colors and logos.

Sending the Form

Perhaps our favorite feature of Native Forms is how it allows your clients and customers to interact with your created forms. There are three ways, "Link", "Action" and "Process."

With "Link", you are able to simply send along the link, but the true power comes along in how the incoming data will affect your Salesforce data. You can dictate whether the receiver of that link is creating a record, updating an existing record, creating a child record or updating an existing record from a lookup. This allows you to have full control over how that information is modifying your existing Salesforce environment.

With "Action", this allows your internal Salesforce users to send the form straight from the record page using the Native Forms lightning component.. For instance if you know that your sales reps will always need to send the same form to clients, this allows you to create the form and then have it easily accessible for your reps to send when needed.

With "Process", you're able to send the form automatically based upon a field change. If you are consistently sending the same intake form to clients once you label a customer as "Closed Won", with "Process" you are able to have that form send automatically when you change the stage to "Closed Won." This puts your forms on autopilot and prevents any lapses during the onboarding process.

We love Native Forms for how simple, yet powerful it is at solving an unnecessarily cumbersome task. It reduces the friction between you and your clients and allows the client to update only the information you want them to update in Salesforce without the back and forth using any third-party tools. It has radically transformed how we keep our client information up-to-date and we think it will do the same for you.

Making the Most of the Salesforce AppExchange
Whether you are just getting started in the AppExchange or you have been using it for a while, here are a few tips and tricks to know to make the most of the best resource Salesforce has to offer.

The Salesforce AppExchange is a very important resource for enhancing and customizing the functionality and usability of your Salesforce org. This includes things like simplifying the process of signing documents, streamlining permission management, improving the health of your data, and many other processes.

Think of the AppExchange like the Apple Store but for extensible tools built on the Salesforce platform. Instead of adding apps to your phone to organize your life or tell you how to avoid traffic jams, you add apps to your Salesforce org to gain efficiencies and address business needs within your own environment. Some apps are free; while some are paid per user, others are paid annually based on volume. Regardless of the pricing model, they all allow you to do something that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if you had to build it from scratch yourself. There are even apps to allow you to connect your disparate data sources and bring them together in Salesforce.

So you ask, what kinds of apps are on the Salesforce AppExchange?

Native Apps

Native apps are the ones that are built and hosted inside Salesforce using the Lightning Platform. A native app resides within Salesforce and doesn’t need a separate integration with Salesforce. With native apps, all of your app data is also securely stored in Salesforce.

Non-native Apps

An app built outside of Salesforce and integrating with Salesforce using the Salesforce API is a Non-native App. The app will be hosted outside the Salesforce platform and also data might be stored outside the Salesforce servers.

Managed Packages

Monitored, updated, and “managed” by the initial Developer via periodic releases. They might be paid or free app - typically paid because this is a huge source of business for the product company.

Unmanaged Packages

Editable code within a base package can be customized but may or may not be updated by the Developer after the initial install. May be paid or free apps, more often free.


The AppExchange is such a great resource, but with all that it has to offer it can often times get a little overwhelming. That is where collections come in handy. Over the years, Salesforce has built up collections for different industries and product types. Whether you are looking for an app for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud, Salesforce has made extremely easy to find exactly the app that will fit your needs.

If you're looking more industry specific, Salesforce has created collections for Real Estate, Government, Manufacturing and much more. This will give you a great starting point if you are looking to find the most popular and most used apps amongst your industry peers.

The Salesforce AppExchange is full of important contributors, solving business challenges in all areas, including sales, marketing, operations, and technical development. No one person or organization has the capability to solve all those challenges themselves so the AppExchange provides the customer the ability to leverage the power of thousands of developers across the ecosystem.

How to Integrate HelloSign and S-Docs with Salesforce
If you're looking to overhaul your quote-to-signature process, follow along as we show you how to streamline your entire workflow.

Digital signature solutions are old hat by this point. Upload a PDF, place your signature fields, your date fields and then send it off for final approval. Companies such as Docusign, HelloSign, Adobe Sign and PandaDoc have revolutionized how companies create, send and store digital agreements. But very few companies have taken the time to properly streamline their workflow from CRM to signature delivery. So today, we are going to show you how to integrate two different apps, S-Docs and HelloSign with Salesforce to make your quote-to-signature workflow absolutely bulletproof.


S-Docs is an intuitive, versatile and 100% native document builder that allows your to create document templates right in Salesforce. It is a well-worn AppExchange app that is trusted by thousands of companies throughout the world. Aside from the ease of use, the best part of S-Docs is that you can make two document templates totally free, forever. If your use case is as simple as ours, then that might be all you need.

First, you’ll want to get the quote template that S-Docs provide, also totally free, from here:

Import that into S-Docs and then you can start on customizing the quote document to conform to your company’s specific needs. You will want to start on replacing the default fields with specific fields from your Salesforce.

Once you swap out the fields, you will then want to work on the main part of the quote — the line items. For this, we created a related list that will list all of our line items one-by-one.

We selected our Related List — opportunitylineitems, and then chose which columns we wanted displayed in our generated quote. Then to finish it off, we want to display a grand total so the customer sees very clearly the final amount:

You will also need to add two more fields specifically for HelloSign — one that will tell where the signature to go ([sig|req|signer1]) and another to automatically add today’s date ([date|noreq|signer1]):

You will see they are highlighted because we want the font color to match the document color so that the customer does not see the document tags.

Once all that is complete, you’ll want to make sure you finish the template by customizing the header and footer to be personalized for your company. Then hop on over to Document Options and check off the appropriate boxes. This is important for how we want it to work with HelloSign.

The last step that will really streamline the whole project would be a button on the Opportunity that generates a quote. Head on over to Object Manager —> Buttons, Links & Actions and then create a new button called “Generate Quote”. Use these parameters to create your button:

{!URLFOR('/apex/SDOC__SDCreate1', null, [[id=Opportunity.Id](, Object='Opportunity',SDEditSameTab=true])}

Save and then add that button to your Opportunity layout. That’s it! You can now work on integrating HelloSign with your newly created S-Docs template.


There are a lot of great e-signature solutions on the AppExchange, but for our purposes we are looking at ones that cater specifically to small businesses and ones that don’t require a ton of hand-holding. HelloSign hits every requirement that we had for a signature solution while maintaining a fairly low price point. With plans starting at $29/user/month (minimum of 5 users), it came in significantly under some of their competitors while being extremely easy to use.

First step is to install HelloSign from the AppExchange. Once that is installed, set up a HelloSign account and then let’s get to work.

We already generated our quote that is attached to the Opportunity. We are going to want HelloSign to grab that quote and then prepare it for sending. To do that, we want to make sure it looks for a document with the text “Quote”

We have also enabled a few other settings such as “Skip Prepare” and “Text Tags Enabled” to streamline the workflow as much as possible.

Once the HelloSign template is created, you guessed it, we will need another button on the Opportunity to initiate the HelloSign process. Go to Object Manager —> Opportunity —> Buttons, Links & Actions and then create a new button. Use the following parameters to open HelloSign with the new button:

Save and then add the button to the Opportunity layout. Now, you will have two buttons — “Generate Quote” and “Send for Signature”. Go to any opportunity with products and then initiate the process by clicking “Generate Quote”.

Once the quote has been generated, it will automatically close the window and then click on the button “Send for Signature”. This will initiate the HelloSign process where if done correctly, will automatically add the primary contact and then you just need to click ‘Preview Document” and send it off.

It’s that easy, we have taken a process that many think to be daunting or difficult to implement down to two buttons. Agents don’t need to tinker with templates or manually adjust fields every time they send off a quote for signature. Time saved is money saved and we think both solutions - S-Docs and HelloSign excel in that regard.

Announcing SalesPath+
Advanced Paths. Smarter Sales.

We're pleased to announce that SalesPath+ is now available for install on the Salesforce AppExchange. Developed in conjunction with Advanced Sales AI, SalesPath+ enables sales management to deploy its sales best practices across the entire sales organization and enforce desired sales cadence. This includes customizable sales paths, real-time predictive reporting and forecasting to revolutionize your sales team.

One of the biggest challenges for any sales team is enforcing best practice, and correcting bad habits. Through a simple drag-and-drop interface, SalesPath+ allows for Executive Management teams and Revenue Operations teams to create and deploy real-time SalesPaths for any use case, sales type, vertical segment or geographic segment. This includes task management, milestone checkpoints and interactive reporting so sales management can gain clear visibility into their entire sales funnel.

We also know that accurate forecasting and reporting is sore spot for many sales management teams. SalesPath+ proactively forecasts close dates based on known sales cycle durations to provide best-in-class reporting. Easily report on win loss by sales path, team, and sales person. Identify where deals go wrong and average sales cycle times by stages, opportunity type, and size.

If you find that your sales team is often in turmoil and losing competitive positioning, SalesPath+ is exactly the solution to control that chaos. Stop the "End of Quarter Rush", improve sales wins and install SalesPath+ today.

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How can I make the most out of Salesforce?
How can I make the most out of Salesforce?
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How can I make the most out of Salesforce?