Top AppExchange Apps that will Transform your Sales Team

If you are looking to enhance your sales teams workflows, take a look at our picks for the top apps in the Salesforce AppExchange to do just that.

Technology is changing the way that businesses operates. The available software, apps, and tools are giving people the chance to do things in a simpler, more streamlined, and more effective way than ever before. With apps from the Salesforce AppExchange, your team can solve business challenges, increase collaboration and provide a better customer experience. When done correctly, this streamlines the journey form prospect to paying customer.

When your sales team has the best tools for the job, they’ll be better able to meet your customers where they are and deliver the level of service required. When your team can automate routine and redundant tasks, it frees up their time for things that really need their attention...closing deals. It’s all about giving your team the tools to help them succeed so that they can help your business grow.

Working with the Salesforce platform, it a lot easier than you might think. Let’s explore some of the apps on the Salesforce AppExchange your sales team should be working with.

Top AppExchange Apps that will Transform your Sales Team

1) SalesPath+

SalesPath+ is an innovative Salesforce AppExchange app that enables sales management to deploy best practices across the entire sales organization. It also allows you to enforce desired sales cadence, and implement real-time predictive reporting and forecasting. With SalesPath+ sales reps will have the ability to leverage the custom SalesPaths for any use case, or sales type to improve sale win rates and avoid the "End of Quarter Rush."

For Sales Leadership they will have improved Sales forecast accuracy, improve CRM hygiene and better reporting on competitive positioning and market position. The predictive close dates provides a higher level of confidence knowing when a deal is likely to close which removes the guesswork and helps maintain a metered sales cadence.

2) Slack

Everyone likes and needs to stay on top of their work and stay in the loop of what is happening with your team. Now Sales reps can receive custom Salesforce notification immediately in Slack. No more logging out of one program to go into another. Search and preview Salesforce records without leaving Slack and see information such as accounts, leads, opportunities and cases. Send records from Salesforce directly to your Slack and send your Slack conversations back to Salesforce for your records. With Slack you can easily stay in the know, Keep everyone on track and extend collaboration across sales and service and your customers.

3) LinkedIn Sales Nav

Connecting LinkedIn and Salesforce allows your team to harness the combined power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and your CRM. This allows your team to see sales activity all in one place, without having to leave Salesforce. Your team can spend less time jumping between platforms and more time engaging with leads. This allows your sales team to target leads and accounts that are right for your products and services. It also allows your team to engage leads and accounts with personalized outreach. Save time as every message is captured in Salesforce.

4) DocuSign

DocuSign for Salesforce allows sales professionals to send, route, sign, track and save agreements without ever leaving Salesforce. This helps companies streamline sales and recognize revenue faster. DocuSign for Salesforce is designed to give a boost to sales teams throughout all stages of their sales cycle, maximizing the Salesforce investment for small to growing businesses. Whether you are the company CEO, head of sales or business development lead, your goal is to grow fast and sell as efficiently as possible.

5) Cirrus Insight (Gmail)

Do you need an all-in-one tool that packs a powerful punch? Cirrus Insight just might be the Salesforce app you’re looking for. Cirrus Insight is a must-have addition for any sales rep who wants to make the most out of their time. The Cirrus Insight connector for Gmail automatically logs your activity into Salesforce, allowing you to focus on prospecting, meeting with clients, and closing deals.

Plus the Cirrus Insight Salesforce integration allows for one-click calendar sharing, email and web visitor tracking for better prospecting, and timely insights and reports on customer behavior.

Whether it's prospecting, closing or tracking deals, technology will always be a major factor. With these tools in the AppExchange your Sales team will be able to sell faster, smarter and more efficiently.

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