Announcing SalesPath+

Advanced Paths. Smarter Sales.

We're pleased to announce that SalesPath+ is now available for install on the Salesforce AppExchange. Developed in conjunction with Advanced Sales AI, SalesPath+ enables sales management to deploy its sales best practices across the entire sales organization and enforce desired sales cadence. This includes customizable sales paths, real-time predictive reporting and forecasting to revolutionize your sales team.

One of the biggest challenges for any sales team is enforcing best practice, and correcting bad habits. Through a simple drag-and-drop interface, SalesPath+ allows for Executive Management teams and Revenue Operations teams to create and deploy real-time SalesPaths for any use case, sales type, vertical segment or geographic segment. This includes task management, milestone checkpoints and interactive reporting so sales management can gain clear visibility into their entire sales funnel.

We also know that accurate forecasting and reporting is sore spot for many sales management teams. SalesPath+ proactively forecasts close dates based on known sales cycle durations to provide best-in-class reporting. Easily report on win loss by sales path, team, and sales person. Identify where deals go wrong and average sales cycle times by stages, opportunity type, and size.

If you find that your sales team is often in turmoil and losing competitive positioning, SalesPath+ is exactly the solution to control that chaos. Stop the "End of Quarter Rush", improve sales wins and install SalesPath+ today.

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