Top 5 Marketing Apps for Salesforce

Whether you are a Pardot guru or just getting started, we'll point you in the right direction with the five best apps on the Salesforce AppExchange to power up your marketing efforts.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign for Salesforce combines the power of customer experience automation with data from Salesforce to create a more personalized customer experience that turns leads into repeat customers. By aligning sales and marketing teams through the Salesforce integration the app alerts you to the right customers at the right time.


Easily add text messaging to Salesforce with the Global Leader in Cloud Communications - Twilio. Use Salesforce data and components you know to customize SMS messaging and report on results. With an out of the box setup Twilio SMS works with the Salesforce data and tools you rely on every day.


With Typeform, capture more leads, support tickets and data in a streamlined, unified interface and automatically send form responses to Salesforce as leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities or cases.  Create forms that contain elements such as multiple choice, picture choice, rating scale, emails and more. Then integrate this data right into Salesforce.

Campaign Monitor

With the Campaign Monitor Salesforce integration, you'll no longer need your tech team to manually pull a list or gather data for you before you can create your hyper-targeted emails your subscribers expect. View email statistics, map Campaign Monitor email fields and automatically add subscribers without ever having to leave Salesforce.

Mercury SMS

Mercury SMS integrates directly with the Salesforce platform, connecting businesses with their customers communicate with prospects in real time using two way messaging that may be automated but feel incredibly personalized

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