How to Integrate HelloSign and S-Docs with Salesforce

If you're looking to overhaul your quote-to-signature process, follow along as we show you how to streamline your entire workflow.

Digital signature solutions are old hat by this point. Upload a PDF, place your signature fields, your date fields and then send it off for final approval. Companies such as Docusign, HelloSign, Adobe Sign and PandaDoc have revolutionized how companies create, send and store digital agreements. But very few companies have taken the time to properly streamline their workflow from CRM to signature delivery. So today, we are going to show you how to integrate two different apps, S-Docs and HelloSign with Salesforce to make your quote-to-signature workflow absolutely bulletproof.


S-Docs is an intuitive, versatile and 100% native document builder that allows your to create document templates right in Salesforce. It is a well-worn AppExchange app that is trusted by thousands of companies throughout the world. Aside from the ease of use, the best part of S-Docs is that you can make two document templates totally free, forever. If your use case is as simple as ours, then that might be all you need.

First, you’ll want to get the quote template that S-Docs provide, also totally free, from here:

Import that into S-Docs and then you can start on customizing the quote document to conform to your company’s specific needs. You will want to start on replacing the default fields with specific fields from your Salesforce.

Once you swap out the fields, you will then want to work on the main part of the quote — the line items. For this, we created a related list that will list all of our line items one-by-one.

We selected our Related List — opportunitylineitems, and then chose which columns we wanted displayed in our generated quote. Then to finish it off, we want to display a grand total so the customer sees very clearly the final amount:

You will also need to add two more fields specifically for HelloSign — one that will tell where the signature to go ([sig|req|signer1]) and another to automatically add today’s date ([date|noreq|signer1]):

You will see they are highlighted because we want the font color to match the document color so that the customer does not see the document tags.

Once all that is complete, you’ll want to make sure you finish the template by customizing the header and footer to be personalized for your company. Then hop on over to Document Options and check off the appropriate boxes. This is important for how we want it to work with HelloSign.

The last step that will really streamline the whole project would be a button on the Opportunity that generates a quote. Head on over to Object Manager —> Buttons, Links & Actions and then create a new button called “Generate Quote”. Use these parameters to create your button:

{!URLFOR('/apex/SDOC__SDCreate1', null, [[id=Opportunity.Id](, Object='Opportunity',SDEditSameTab=true])}

Save and then add that button to your Opportunity layout. That’s it! You can now work on integrating HelloSign with your newly created S-Docs template.


There are a lot of great e-signature solutions on the AppExchange, but for our purposes we are looking at ones that cater specifically to small businesses and ones that don’t require a ton of hand-holding. HelloSign hits every requirement that we had for a signature solution while maintaining a fairly low price point. With plans starting at $29/user/month (minimum of 5 users), it came in significantly under some of their competitors while being extremely easy to use.

First step is to install HelloSign from the AppExchange. Once that is installed, set up a HelloSign account and then let’s get to work.

We already generated our quote that is attached to the Opportunity. We are going to want HelloSign to grab that quote and then prepare it for sending. To do that, we want to make sure it looks for a document with the text “Quote”

We have also enabled a few other settings such as “Skip Prepare” and “Text Tags Enabled” to streamline the workflow as much as possible.

Once the HelloSign template is created, you guessed it, we will need another button on the Opportunity to initiate the HelloSign process. Go to Object Manager —> Opportunity —> Buttons, Links & Actions and then create a new button. Use the following parameters to open HelloSign with the new button:

Save and then add the button to the Opportunity layout. Now, you will have two buttons — “Generate Quote” and “Send for Signature”. Go to any opportunity with products and then initiate the process by clicking “Generate Quote”.

Once the quote has been generated, it will automatically close the window and then click on the button “Send for Signature”. This will initiate the HelloSign process where if done correctly, will automatically add the primary contact and then you just need to click ‘Preview Document” and send it off.

It’s that easy, we have taken a process that many think to be daunting or difficult to implement down to two buttons. Agents don’t need to tinker with templates or manually adjust fields every time they send off a quote for signature. Time saved is money saved and we think both solutions - S-Docs and HelloSign excel in that regard.

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