Small Business Week - Best AppExchange Apps for Small Businesses

What is the AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange is an intricate ecosystem of more than three thousand apps, which are ready to install, eighty thousand peer reviews, and over six million client installs that help in the solution of business challenges across the board.

The AppExchange is an incredible marketplace of custom applications any small business can leverage to help run their business more efficiently. The most prominent benefits include, Ready to Use apps, Enterprise-level reliability, low maintenance costs and the ability to separate testing and production to ensure data integrity.

Top 6 AppExchange Apps for Small Businesses

1) Jotform

Jotform is a supercharged no-code solution for Salesforce that allows users to automate their data collection and management flows. Users can create dynamic forms for all purposes and collect lead information, e-signatures and payments with ease. Jotform also allows users to automate workflows, assign tasks and build approval flows. 

It’s an all-around tool for small businesses looking to save time on managing data as it offers auto-generated reports, graphs, dashboards and calendars. Jotform allows you to eliminate manual data entry in general and focus on closing more deals with the variety of automation features it includes. Users also have the option to store data in their Salesforce account or transfer it to one of the many other apps it integrates with.

2) DocuSign

DocuSign is built on the Salesforce platform, and powered by Lightning. With over 125 million small businesses worldwide, most have inefficient and fragmented agreement reaching methods. On average, small business teams spend at least 23% of their days doing tasks manually, such as inputting data. This time could be spent on other productive tasks.

Using DocuSign, more than 80% of e-signature transactions are finalized in under 24 hours, allowing these businesses to focus on their customers. Used with Salesforce Essentials, DocuSign helps small businesses to conclude agreements faster, form contracts, quotes, sales orders, etc.

3) Formstack

Formstack gives a superbly easy UI for drag-and-drop creation of most any form imaginable. Use it for webforms, sign-ups, surveys, and customer feedback, among, well, whatever you need a form form. Formstack for Salesforce is a set of dynamic, customizable modules that allow Salesforce customers to digitize processes at scale, in and around their Salesforce org.

You can also integrate payment functions, and the Salesforce-native environment ties things nicely in with your Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. The reasonable pricing is also quite friendly for tight budgets and scalable even for just a few users, making it accessible for the smallest of small businesses.

4) SMS-Magic

SMS- Magic is a complete business messaging solution that supports multichannel messaging and automated & interactive conversations. Natively built with components for Sales & Service Cloud, Console, Lightning, & Salesforce mobile App. Install SMS-Magic to converse with your customers on the channel of their choice - while you stay in the comfort of your Salesforce window or even smartphone. It is perfect for high-touch, contextual, and time-sensitive customer engagement.

With SMS- Magic you can better engage with your audience, expand your reach and connect with customer on a deeper level.

5) Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight brings professional email tools to your inbox to boost your productivity and help you focus on connecting with clients and prospects. Fortune 500 companies (how many??) and freelancers leverage Cirrus Insight for email tracking, email templates, drip campaigns, follow up reminders, meeting scheduling, and world-class Salesforce integration.

6) QuickBooks

The Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks app helps connect your Salesforce and QuickBooks accounts. QuickBooks will then automatically start downloading closed opportunities from Salesforce and then create draft sales forms. All you have to do is approve the drafts to add them to QuickBooks. This connection speeds up the sales cycle and keeps all of your info organized. Gain complete visibility on business and cash flow, and get a 360-degree view of important Salesforce and QuickBooks data in real time, all in one place.

With over three thousand apps, the Salesforce AppExchange can be extremely overwhelming. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg in regards to the thousands of available apps for Small Businesses. Reach out to the Relay team today to discover how our team of Salesforce experts can help you better utilize the tools within the Salesforce ecosystem.

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