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How Labor First Uses Salesforce Communities to Create a Retiree Healthcare Exchange

Digital Experience: How Labor First Uses Salesforce Communities to Create a Retiree Healthcare Exchange

Labor First has been providing customized health benefit solutions for the retiree market for over 15 years.

With the help of Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, and the AppExchange, the company has achieved 100% customer retention while growing into the largest privately owned healthcare exchange for the multi-employer marketplace.

“There was a bursting need for someone to come into the senior market and not only help structure healthcare solutions for them but also advocate on their behalf for the rest of their lives, so they could really make the most of the retirement experience” - John Dulczak, Chairman & CEO.

From prospecting, generating carrier quotes, benefit comparisons, and enrollments, everything is done on the Salesforce platform. When they chose to move their paper based member enrollment process online, they chose Relay to make sure the initiative was successful.

The new healthcare exchange and enrollment solution was design for Salesforce Community Cloud and integrated with their existing Salesforce solutions to provide a 360-degree view of their members.

The new Community helped them deliver personalized experiences to their customers in a secure and mobile-ready application. Plan participants can quickly log in with their information already preloaded, thanks to the Customer 360 approach. They can select from eligible plan offerings that are tailored for each organization and member according to their location, demographics, and plan options.

Participants can get instant rate quotes, compare plans side by side, and set up automatic premium payments. With Service Cloud, dedicated advocates are available to connect with members for one-on-one help in completing the process.

“We had no idea we could build something like this with Community Cloud. Earlier estimates to build a solution from scatch exceeded a million dollars. Relay design the community solution for a fraction of the cost and we were up and running in 3 months.” - David Zawrotny, COO
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