How to Extract Insights From Medical Text in Salesforce Health Cloud

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Healthcare providers have largely transitioned to electronic health records and digital patient management systems like Epic. With a greater focus on value-based care, it's become important to reduce readmission and improve patient outcomes while driving down costs. Provider's using Salesforce Health Cloud have the distinct advantage of having their patient management system built right into the Salesforce platform. They enjoy the versatility and scalable nature of the Salesforce platform, making it easy to innovate and experiment with new technologies like the Amazon Comprehend Medical API.

Adding AI to Salesforce Health Cloud

Extracting medical information from unstructured text

Amazon Comprehend Medical is a HIPAA-eligible API that uses machine learning to extract health data from unstructured medical text, like nursing notes. Through a custom integration with Salesforce Health Cloud, we can quickly and accurately extract and identify health data such as:

  • Medical Conditions
  • Medications
  • Dosages
  • Test
  • Treatments & Procedures
  • Protected Health Information

Amazon Comprehend Medical is a self-contained AWS service that requires no servers or machine learning models to train, so it's easy to incorporate into custom Salesforce apps in Health Cloud. This service can be used throughout the entire healthcare lifecycle, from admission to point-of-care, through coding and billing.

Medical Insights from Nursing Notes

Symptoms in nursing notes highlighted by the app

Salesforce Health Cloud includes many options for properly recording structured medical information like symptoms, medications, and diagnoses. There are still sources of patient information, such as nursing notes, that are often unstructured and in a narrative format. They often include observations made by a nurse or doctor during their rounds or consultations. These notes can contain important information that may have been missed or improperly entered elsewhere in the patient management system.

With Amazon Comprehend Medical, we can develop intelligent applications that can interpret nursing notes and highlight important information. For example, during a patient checkup, Nurse Davis noted that Natalia had a cough and was fatigued. These symptoms may not have been recorded on the patient chart but using the Amazon Comprehend Medical service and our smart Health Cloud application can highlight the symptoms in the note to both remind Nurse Davis to enter them in the appropriate location or call attention to other practitioners about symptoms noted in prior visits.

Comprehend Medical & Salesforce Health Cloud Use Cases

The versatility and power of this API can have a significant and beneficial impact for patients and providers. The use cases range from point-of-care medical insights, compliance, and billing.

Clinical Trial Medical Cohort Analysis

Thanks to Amazon Comprehend Medical's exceptional ability to understand and identify complex medical information, including abbreviations, it can be used to identify or disqualify candidates for clinical trials. Patient recruitment efforts can be significantly simplified, reducing the costly steps required by manual selection processes.

Early Diagnosis and Clinical Decision Support

Proactive healthcare, powered by AI, will transform the medical landscape. Using the Amazon Comprehend Medical service, we can develop apps in Salesforce Health Cloud that aggregate medical information from patient data, extract diagnoses and symptoms from their medical history, and provide an early warning system for diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Streamline Medical Coding

Even in highly structured patient management systems, like Salesforce Health Cloud, critical patient information can is missed leading to incorrect coding and billing issues. With the Comprehend Medical API, we can develop apps that can automatically extract ICD-10 codes from medical notes and correlate them with billed procedures.

Protect Patient Information

Patient data will continue to grow as we move all healthcare systems to digital platforms. Safeguarding patient information should be at the forefront of all healthcare provider's IT goals. The Comprehend Medical API can automatically detect PHI, giving your organization the certainty that you are protecting your patient's information.

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