What industries benefit from Salesforce?

Whether you are in healthcare, automotive or manufacturing; Salesforce has a solution for you. We will run down the exact solution you need based on your industry.

By now most people know "Salesforce" or at the very least they are aware of the San Fransisco-based tech behemoth. But depending on who you ask, the answer to "What is Salesforce?" could be drastically different. Yes, it is the #1 CRM (customer relationship management) platform that enables organizations to work in tandem to serve their customers. But that's really only the tip of Salesforce's capabilities. Salesforce is capable of being the backbone of any industry, no matter how large or small. To serve specific industries, Salesforce has released a variety of "clouds" that can be purchased ad-hoc to be added to the core of Salesforce's CRM platform.

Now the offerings can get a bit confusing and some features overlap, but we are going to run through the benefits of each so you know exactly how each cloud can serve your business' unique needs.


Salesforce's Financial Services Cloud takes the capabilities of Salesforce and reimagines it to address the specific needs of those in the financial industry. Whether you are a financial institution, insurance agency, or wealth management firm; Salesforce Financial Services Cloud gives you a 360-degree holistic view of your client's history. If you're in Investment Banking, you can manage customer pipelines and collaborate with deal teams without ever leaving the platform. If you're in the Insurance industry, you can unite insurers and policyholders like never before. Offering a comprehensive view of each policyholder, the Salesforce Financial Cloud enriches service reps with customer information so they can spend more time assisting instead of searching for information.


If you're in the manufacturing industry, you guessed it, Salesforce has made a cloud custom-tailored to you. Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud allows business to take their antiquated systems and modernize them with AI-powered automation. Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud includes prebuilt objects and processes that allow you to start utilizing it straight out of the box. Since manufacturers often work with external suppliers and dealers, Manufacturing Cloud allows you to easily communicate and collaborate with the vendors straight from the platform. Countless manufacturing companies rely on the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud to operationalize their business and the platform is only gaining in popularity.

Health Care

Perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of Salesforce's power are those in the healthcare industry. Consistently named the #1 healthcare CRM, Salesforce Health Cloud allows healthcare providers to get a 360-degree view of their entire organization; from the back office to their patient's journey all existing on one platform. Additionally, simplified onboarding and personalized experiences allow providers to connect to their patients in a way they never have previously. Salesforce Health Cloud allows you to connect all your disparate health data sources into one unified system that allows providers to do what they do best, provide help to those in need.


Salesforce's Nonprofit Cloud takes the CRM and reimagines it to cater to the unique demands of nonprofits all over the world. From fundraising to marketing to grantmaking, the Nonprofit Cloud allows nonprofits to innovate on one platform that provides a single source of truth for their entire organization. Organizations on Salesforce's Nonprofit Cloud have seen a 110% increase in Total Online Giving, 400 additional calls served every month, and 62% decrease in client intake time.* This allows for increased flexibility and catering to those who need it most. 


When we say that every industry can benefit from Salesforce, we truly mean every single industry. That includes the massive automotive industry with Salesforce's Automotive Management. A platform that unites both dealers and customers, it allows manufacturers to streamline the journey from OEM to the aftermarket. This allows dealers to offer a simple buying solution as well as track ownership history, vehicle issues, vehicle recalls, and warranties to ensure that’s their customers are always informed. Having one centralized platform allows for increased customer retention and gives OEMs a glimpse into emerging growth opportunities.

That's really the true power of the Salesforce platform. The same platform that allows for streamlined hospital patient intake also allows for automotive manufacturers to keep track of their customer's vehicle warranties. So if you're asking — "Which industries can benefit from Salesforce?" The answer is very clear; all industries.




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