Custom Salesforce Solutions

Let’s get Salesforce working for you.

We develop custom Salesforce solutions that are tailored for your team and business process. We work closely with our clients to develop solutions that just work and grow with your business.
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Custom Applications

Simplify your daily tasks with tailored software
Out of the box Salesforce has its limits. For growing teams, it’s important to aggregate all the data and functionality into one application tailored for your team. We develop smart and efficient user interfaces that make using Salesforce a joy instead of a burden.
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Custom Integrations

Get your important platforms talking with Salesforce
Integrations can bridge across systems and embed innovation into Salesforce. Whether you’re checking in patients, shipping online orders, or lead tracking - we can develop custom integrations that streamline your processes across systems.
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Custom Automations

Eliminate repetitive tasks that drain your team’s output
Generating forms, sending out email blasts, creating reminders… just the thought of it puts us to sleep. Instead let us build you your very own Salesforce Automation Bot to take those tedious tasks off your plate. With more time on your hands, your team is free to focus on the stuff that grows your business, not just runs it.


Streamline your digital engagement with a Salesforce portal!
Our team can implement scalable digital experiences for your customers and partners. From self-service customer portals to partner management portals, Relay can deliver Salesforce-integrated web solutions that streamline your operations while keeping Salesforce at the core of your workflow.
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Continued Support

Sometimes project solutions require a dedicated, embedded team.

For those clients who require additional support we offer a range of long term consulting engagements to set your team up for success.
Salesforce Certified System Architect
Salesforce Certified System Architect
Salesforce Certified Development Life Cycle Designer
Salesforce Certified Development Life Cycle Designer

Our Salesforce Solutions

Check out some of the solutions we've developed for clients just like you.